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Digital Assistive
Technology Tool for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome.

Bugaddy is a tool designed by experts to support autistic people through their everyday activities throughout their lifetime.

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Bugaddy App
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Bugaddy App

Digital Assistive
Technology Tool for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome.

Bugaddy is a tool designed by experts to support autistic people through their everyday activities throughout their lifetime.

Bugaddy App

Bugaddy app Available on:

Google Play
App store
Bugaddy App

Bugaddy app Available on:

Google Play
App store

How it Works

How it Works
Step 1

Bugaddy app

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Register Kid
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Step 3

Child use the app
Enjoys stories in AR

Bugaddy – kid’s lifetime buddy

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Question / Answer


What does Bugaddy do?

Bugaddy is a hero who, by his example and the example of the heroes around him, demonstrates to the child a model of behavior in different life situations.

Life situations are reflected in the scenarios that the child, at his own discretion, chooses for viewing. Depending on the specific level of Bugaddy functionality set for the child (low functionality, medium functionality or high functionality), the child can view life scenarios both in 3D mode and in augmented reality (AR) mode. When the augmented reality mode is on, Bugaddy is in the child's room or in another room / space (depending on where the child is) and the child sees it through his device.

What languages does Bugaddy speak?

Now Bugaddy communicates in Russian, English and Spanish. In the future, Bugaddy will communicate in other languages as well. The life scenarios that Bugaddy demonstrates are identical in all languages.

What devices does Bugaddy work on?

Bugaddy works on smartphones and tablets on iOS, Android and Huawei systems.

How can I change / cancel my subscription in the app?

You can do this at any time in the application Store (in accordance with the Store's policy).

Can I connect Bugaddy for different kids on one child's user device?

Not. Only one Bugaddy can be connected on one user device for one specific child. Connecting an additional Bugaddy for another child is only possible on another separate device.

How many children can I connect to the Bugaddy?

An infinite number of children can be connected to the main parent unit of Bugaddy. However, it should be remembered that only one Bugaddy for one child can be connected on one separate user device of a child.

How are the Bugaddy functional modes different?

Bugaddy works in 3 different modes. The Low Functionality mode will allow the child to watch Bugaddy's life scenarios in 3D. At the same time, the child cannot influence the viewing process.

Medium Functionality allows the child to view the Bugaddy scenarios in 3D, but the child can pause the viewing scenario and scroll forward and backward through the set sectors.

High Functionality mode, in addition to the above, allows the child to view all Bugaddy scenarios in augmented reality (AR) mode as well. At the same time, the child can create videos and Bugaddy photos, and share them on social networks.

Can I change Bugaddy's functionality mode if it's already installed?

Yes, the Parent (or Caregiver) of the child can change all Bugaddy settings at any time.

How can I connect Bugaddy to a separate device of my child?

On the Parent Device in the tab "Child registration" select an option saying that the Application will be used by the child on another device.

After this action, "Authorization Code" will appear on the screen to activate the Application in user mode on another device.

Next you would need to download the Bugaddy App on child's device, then launch it, and through the main menu open the tab called "Child authorization".

Click inside the appropriate field, and enter the "Authorisation code" specified earlier.

After that, the particular device will be activated to run the Bugaddy app in user (Child) mode.

Can a child change the settings on their Bugaddy?

Not. Only the Parent or Caregiver has access to the settings of the child's custom module. The child does not have such access.

Will I see a report on how my child is using Bugaddy?

Yes, in the Parent Module you will see a complete report of how your child is using Bugaddy. In the "Success" section you will find complete information on each child connected to Bugaddy.

Do 3D and AR modes work the same?

Yes, 3D and AR (Augmented Reality) modes reproduce the same Bugaddy life scenarios. The only difference is how a particular scenario is more convenient for a child to view.

How do I reinstall / switch Bugaddy from my child's old device to a new one?

Use your new device and repeat all the same actions of activating the device in user (Child) mode alike you did for the initial registration on the previous device.

After entering the "Authorization code" on the new device, the old device will be automatically deactivated.

If you have previously used the same device in Parent and user (Child) mode, then the answer may be found in our list of frequently asked questions: "How can I connect Bugaddy to a separate device of my child?"

Do you provide online or telephone assistance and how can I contact you?

At the moment, you can contact us through the contact form in the relevant section of the application, through the form on our home page or through chats on social networks. We will try to answer you within two business days.

Will my app subscription renew automatically?

If you have selected this feature in the application Store, then yes, your subscription will automatically renew. You can change this option at any time (in accordance with the Store's policy).

Are you on social media?

Yes, you can find us on most social networks (see the "About Bugaddy" section and icons corresponding to social networks).

Do I need to update the application?

No, the application will update automatically if your device has automatic updating of the applications installed on this device by default. If this function is not enabled on your device, then you will need to update the application yourself.

Can I use the device while working in an application or viewing scenarios?

Yes, the device will continue to receive calls, messages and other functions. We recommend disabling all functions, except for emergency ones, so as not to interfere with the process of using the application by the child.

What should I do if I find a problem with the application?

We ask you to immediately report such a malfunction to the support service and we will try to eliminate the malfunction as soon as possible.

What are the minimum device requirements for the application to function?

To use our application, on your iPhone or iPad device should be installed operating system version 12.5 or higher, and on your Android or Huawei device should be installed operating system version 6 or higher.

How do I know when new scripts are released?

It is necessary to activate the function of sending information messages in the application, in which we will notify about Bugaddy news, including new scenarios.

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